Plumbing and Heating

May 2016 will see the re-introduction of an in-house Plumbing and Heating Service at T.G. Sowerby Developments

T.G. Sowerby Developments operated a successful Plumbing and Heating Division for over 25 Years; however, in 2010, the retirement of the Company’s last Plumber led to the decision to stop offering an in-house Plumbing and Heating Service.

However, T.G. Sowerby Developments are pleased to announce that from May 2016 the Company will once again be offering a Plumbing and Heating service, to complement the range of services it currently offers.

Steve Lyon, one of the Company’s Directors, said, “Plumbing and Heating was always an intrinsic part of the service which T.G. Sowerby Developments offered. There will always be a place for other Plumbing and Heating Contractors to work alongside us; however, as a company, we have a responsibility to ensure we offer the best possible service to our customers.

The Company stands apart from others in our sector through the approach we take, including operating our own Joinery Manufacturing Workshop, our own extensive fleet of Vehicles and Plant and a directly employed workforce of skilled tradesmen and apprentices. A Plumbing and Heating Division, alongside these other services, will help to ensure that every project we are involved with will continue to receive the high ‘T.G. Sowerby Developments’ levels of quality and service. It will be a delight to see a T.G. Sowerby Developments’ Plumbing and Heating Van out and about once again.”

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